Signing a Contract


We understand that businesses and individuals need to move forward with more sustainable power solutions to become future-proof and build resiliency for continued success. Our renewable energy and solar financing packages are tailor-made for your needs, without the associated depreciation risk.


By reducing energy consumption and cost, businesses and individuals are positioning themselves to become energy resilient by relying on alternative sources of power. More and more people are seeking onsite renewable energy solutions, such as rooftop solar photovoltaic energy (solar PV). By becoming energy smart through solar finance, the following benefits can be realized from an energy solution:


▪ Reduced Energy Costs – having a solar supply will reduce the overall energy costs, this is especially beneficial in South Africa with the rising electricity prices.

▪ Back-Up Power Supply Solution – have zero downtime due to load shedding or other disruptions by having a backup in the form of a renewable power supply solution.

▪ Reduced Carbon Footprint – have a reduced greenhouse emission status by making use of renewable energy, this will help meet energy efficiency goals.