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The privatisation of power in South Africa’s suburban homes has started. Faced with constant load shedding, high utility tariff increases and a utility in crisis, a power revolution is starting to take shape among South African homes and businesses.

The grid instability and cost will leave many households thinking of ways to privatise their energy supplies.

The sun is the most plentiful source of energy on the entire globe and that it could one day be the most reliant source of energy. South Africa is one of the top ten sunniest countries in the world.


Solar energy is a renewable resource, meaning it will not become unavailable. It provides an unlimited, steady supply through time. Solar Energy is also a green source of energy because it does not emit pollutants during the energy production process.


  • Reduce your power/electricity bills.

  • Solar can be individually sized according to your needs.

  • Increase your property value with a solar power generating system.

  • Long Term Durability - solar panels will work efficiently for years to come.

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